CCTV Inspection


We offer general inspection services coupled with line cleaning so that one can determine the exact status of any given pipe from 4" to tunnel size. Our self-propelled CCTV camera literally crawls through pipe and has an almost 360 degree field of view. One can see every single inch of pipe as well as any defects such as bad joints, root obtrusions, cracked pipe, holes in pipe or other obstructions. It is also easy to determine the existing flow line and the amount of debris that may be obstructing the pipe. By using a vacuum truck equipped with high pressure line cleaning equipment, Eckard Brandes can not only clean the lines but remove any foreign matter in the pipe and haul it away before any CCTV footage is shot.

To start the inspection, the camera is lowered into the entry point manhole. The footage counter is calibrated, the information about the pipe line is overlaid onto the video. We use a Pan/ Tilt/ & Zoom camera or a standard in-line camera on a tractor propelled, skid mounted, or push rod system. The sewer lines are examined for inflow & infiltration, cleanliness, improper alignment & grade, cracked or damaged pipe & joints, with the camera, and the inspection video recorded. Footage counter, type of pipe, pipe size, date of report, direction of flow, description of section of sewer line (ie. line number or manhole to manhole numbers) in conjunction with tape number & log number are noted on report and/or videotape. A PACP certified operator produces the reports. We supply two copies of the video tapes or DVDs, the reports, and (if required) digital images (JPG) of these sewer lines to the customer.