Plug-It-Products Sales


Inflatable plugs are used for plugging pipelines such as sewer lines to permit pipe maintenance, facilitate toxic waste containment, or remove blockages. Such inflatable plugs include inflatable rubber pillows or cylinders which are inserted into the pipeline and inflated with air so that they will fill the pipeline and function as a plug.

Serving municipalities, maintenance contractors, underground contractors, and rental companies, Plug It Products was founded in 1986. PIP products are designed to withstand extreme use and are known industry wide for user friendly custom designs, quick special production, private labeling, and aluminum and steel fabrication.
Eckard Brandes (EBD) is the Hawaii distributor of Plug It Products’ pipe plugs, test equipment, deflection gauges and proving rings.

By ordering from EBD the items you pick at the Plug-It-Products web site, you can get the merchandise without having to pay shipping costs from California. Eckard Brandes Inc. also provides localized expert advice, and the advantage of having some of the Plug-It products readily available in stock. Besides the usual sales support, EBD offers rental arrangements for quick projects.