Pole Camera


For inspections of small diameter pipelines and other hard to reach or confined spaces Eckard Brandes Inc has the only camera on the market that has a rotational head that articulates up and down to allow inspection under rungs and protrusions in manholes.

The unit is quad transport vehicle riding on a standard mainline tractor. The launcher forward camera performs full pan and tilt inspection capabilities. The lateral camera and the quad vehicle are operated through up to 80 feet of miniature, high strength, flexible cable, stored on a small precision motorized cable reel. The mini reel features a levelwind system and a footage encoder to measure the camera and the quad vehicle movement through the lateral. A launch guide tubes pans up to 90-degrees and rotates with the pan and tilt fork movements. When paned at a 90-degree angle the forward camera is rotated 135 degrees for full view of launching operations.

With pole camera inspections, having the correct scope (length and diameter) or the right optical tip adapters often makes the difference in making a decision in an inspection. EBD uses a diverse selection of pole camera equipment from multiple vendors to insure that the camera best suited for your particular need will be available at hand.