Root Removal


Root intrusion is one of the most destructive elements facing those maintaining a wastewater collection system, according to EPA scientists. While better techniques for tight joint seals can alleviate the problem somewhat, sample studies found root intrusion problems at 99% of the public sewer systems surveyed.
When tree roots enter the sewer line through the joints or cracks in the pipe, various problems can happen.

- sewer stoppage and overflows
- structural damage, caused by growing roots
- formation of septic pools behind root masses
- infiltration where the pipe is under the water table.

EBD uses echanical root cutting tools (drill, rodding, jetter, winch) to relieve root blockage, followed by chemical foaming agents which will combat future root regrowth in the area. The chemicals involved in the process are registered in the State of Hawaii and authorized by the EPA for this process. The application doesn't destroy the trees outside the pipe system, nor it damages sanitary drains.