Eckard Brandes, Inc. is a pipeline and underground infrastructure maintenance and repair firm specializing in "trenchless" methods. Formed in 1985, its solutions include the restoration of collapsed underwater pipes, sag removal in PVC pipes, offset joint removal in clay pipes, the Higbee induction suction nozzle sold by Vactor and the patented End-i process for sealing off infiltration.


Repair cracks, fissures, holes, infiltration and other local pipe issues cost effectively without excavation by lining only the affected section

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Storm Drains & Large Pipes

Our extensive tool and procedure set allows us to fix and repair pipes up to 96 inches in diameter and handle storm drains of tunnel size.

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Custom Solutions

We can develop custom solutions for challenging pipe repairs by combining several tested tools, some of which our company developed.

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General info

Solving Hawaii's pipeline, wet well issues since the 1980's. Why is our work important for you?

Over 73,000 sewer spills happened last year in America. Whole houses may disappear into sinkholes created by sewer or water pipe breaks. Most water and sewer pipes in the United States were built 60 years ago, but they were meant to last only 50 years.

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Our services

Recording the condition of the object
Keeping it in good working condition
Fixing the work of others :)